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Services Offered

As one of the top Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) services providers, our facilities management team focuses on the Quality and efficiency of the services to ensure our clients enjoy the entire performance. Comprised of competent technical personnel from various trades, our team is dedicated to delivering world-class services to our world-class clients. We offer an extensive portfolio in integrated facilities management to allow our clients to concentrate on their core services. Our services are:

Facility Engineering Maintenance Services

In the modern and sophisticated design of buildings today, plants and machinery of mechanical, electrical, and civil & structure should be upkeep in their high efficient condition to avoid the disruption of daily operation. Our professional and experienced technical personnel can ensure the building’s system is in top conditioning via performing the required maintenance program comprising routine inspection, planned preventive maintenance, and corrective maintenance.

Cleaning & Housekeeping Services

We offer a wide range of cleaning services from commercial buildings and shared facilities, transportation, and external high-rise cleaning to industrial cleaning and, simultaneously, supply and maintain cleaning peripherals within the buildings.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Our professional and know-how horticulturists are passionate about keeping the landscape healthy, clean, and attractive. We offer a wide range of systematic and innovative maintenance solutions covering hardscape, softs-cape, and ground maintenance to ensure all the elements in the landscape system are well maintained.

Pest Control Services

We effectively provide pest control services, including general pest treatment against pests such as cockroaches, soil treatment, and fumigation.

Waste Disposal Services

We deliver a sustainable waste disposal solution to meet our client’s needs and requirements. Our services comply with the industry standard requirements and adhere to safety and health regulations.

Security Services

We involve and offer security services which include the supply of workforce for the security service of the building. Aside from that, we also help design and implement a proper program to address our client’s needs.

Parking Management

We offer a wide range of user-friendly services that involve the operations and management of building parking bay to provide a safe and sensible environment for the clients. We strive to continually provide the highest levels of customer service for every client, ensuring every experience you have with us is excellent.

Energy Management

We provide energy management services that involve strategic planning, which can control and reduce energy buildings’ energy consumption to achieve resource conservation, climate protection, and cost savings.

Green Building

We offer a range of services related to the Green Building for the building to operate more efficiently, which will save money by optimising and conserving resources, including energy and water. Still, the most crucial element is to portray your seriousness to sustainability.


We utilise and apply Condition Based Assessment technology to enhance our maintenance services. This maintenance strategy will monitor the actual condition of the asset, which will dictate what and when the maintenance should be performed.