Core Business


The Facility Management section of TH Properties Sdn Bhd focuses on the entire spectrum of Assets and Facility Management services. Established to ensure all assets under its purview to be managed and maintained to the World Class standard, its priority is to serve the interest of its various Stakeholders and clients locally and internationally.

Since the inception of the Facility Management Unit, the subsidiary had managed more than 4.0 Million square feet of offices, commercial spaces and hotels throughout Malaysia. Visioned to spearhead the facility management industry in Malaysia, the Facility Management outfit of TH Properties Sdn Bhd is already making its mark within the industry players by winning various Facility Management tenders and awards in Malaysia.

i. Facility Engineering Maintenance Services (FEMS)
Involves in the maintenance of engineering systems related to building such as     mechanical & electrical and civil &  structural services 

ii. Asset Life Cycle Management 
Involves in the management of assets lifecycle which includes planning, design, acquisition and supports for cost attributable to owning or using assets within the particular development.

iii. Cleaning Services
Involves the services of building and compound cleaning and at the same time to supply and to maintain cleaning peripherals within the buildings.

iv. Landscape Maintenance Services 
Involves the services for the maintenance of softscape and hardscape and at the same time the management and maintenance of potted plants.

v. Pest Control Services
Involves the services for the maintenance of the buildings against pest such as among others, cockroaches, ants and mosquito.

vi. Waste Disposal Services 
Involves the management of waste disposal from the building compound to disposal site approved by the local authority.
vii. Security Services
Involves in the supply of manpower for the security services of the buildings and assets under the client’s purview.

viii. Parking Management
 Involves in the operations and management of building parking bay