Core Business

Services Offered

1. Facility Engineering Maintenance Services (FEMS)
  THP Sinar shall provide comprehensive maintenance program, to include but not limited to predictive,                preventive/plan, routine inspection and reactive/corrective maintenance (scheduled & unscheduled) for the    following:
    a- Mechanical Service
    b- Electrical Services
    c- Civil And Structural Services

2-Biomedical Engineering Maintenance (BEMS)
   The basic scope of services are as follows :
   Maintenance of all biomedical equipment inclusive of diagnostic, therapeutic, operating theatre, laboratory,       radiology and other associated and allied equipment in the hospital.
    a- Inventory of biomedical equipment.
    b- Warranty and service contract management.
    c- Quality assurance testing for imaging equipment.
3-Cleansing Services (CLS)
   Cleanliness is the utmost important in a healthcare environment.
Among scopes of Cleansing services area :
   a- Daily maintenance and disinfection services that includes dust mopping, manual and mechanical                           scrubbing, buffing, vacuuming, damp wiping, sanitizing, spot cleaning and stain removal.
   b- Periodic services which includes mechanical stripping, manual sealing and polishing, mechanical                           shampooing, metal polishing, high dusting and degreasing.
   c- High rise services which includes panels, columns, beams and glass cleaning.
   d- Washroom sanitization and disinfection which include descaling, disinfecting, damp wiping, flush cleaning,           sanitizing and high dusting.
   e- Specialized services which includes air dust cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, enhancing weather beaten                 exteriors as well sophisticated granite and marble stone finishes.
 4- Healthcare Waste Management Services (HWMS)
     Category of services  under this scope are :
     a- Clinical Waste Services
     b- Domestic Waste Services