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This new logo was commissioned in 2012 following the consolidation of Lembaga Tabung Haji’s property development and construction companies under the aegis of the TH Properties Group.

The overall design is clean and modern, reflecting the Group’s fresh dynamism and positions the Group’s branding as a leader in the delivery of quality products and services.

Three columns of horizontal green lines represent an abstract rendition of three building towers, with the lines resembling stylised storeys. This becomes an icon of TH Properties’ core business of developing, constructing and managing the built environment. 

The upward slant to the green lines depicts a vibrant organisation that is constantly innovating, improving and striving for perfection, never standing still.

The colour green symbolizes freshness and vitality, and also reflects the Group’s overarching commitment to green and sustainable development. The alternate shades of bright and dark green create a multi dimensional effect, putting forth the Group’s multifaceted tagline of ‘ Building Beyond Buildings ’

Last, but not least, a simple and modern typeface completes the forward looking character and progressive outlook of the Group. The ‘ TH ’ in green draws its roots from the name and colours of its parent body, Lembaga Tabung Haji.